Hi, I'm Keenan Van Zile.

I'm a performance life coach.  Working with everyday professionals to athletes...


As a performance life coach....its my drive to deliver a service that allows clients the freedom to access their talents, gifts, skills fully....


Live life better than...


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Keenan Van Zile works with you to understand, identify, eliminate the root cause in what is inhibiting your talents, skills and gifts. While simultaneously you realize the alternative possibilities that you are capable of. 


By the end of each session the way you viewed yourself, the issues, conflicts, emotional situations, behaviors/attitudes has dissipated and or disappeared completely. 

The satisfaction is in the relief, knowing that there is no longer an unconscious block, memories, thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs affecting you.


The value in this is extraordinary...



Elimination of "any" unhealthy attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, emotions, feelings, stressors, conditionings

Fear, Procrastination, Self Doubt, Lack of Confidence

Self Belief


Reshaping your reality to fully express your talents, gifts, skills


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I was skeptical at first when I started working with Keenan Van Zile because he was so confident in how quickly he could help me.  Now after 4 months of sessions where I see him once a week, I have a renewed self-esteem, self-belief and a whole new understanding of myself.  The work he does is fabulous, because he helps to bring the best out of who you are and eliminates the rest.

I have been severely depressed my whole life – have tried just about any form of therapy so far.  Within the first session with Keenan, he wanted me to explain what the reason was to why I felt the way I felt.  He was able to have me understand that depression stems from an event, experience, or circumstance. 


We form our own beliefs of what it was.  He helped me make a distinction from the pattern that was causing me to feel depressed.  What I realized by this is that anyone can feel this way if they do this to themselves over and over.  By the end of that hour with Keenan, he was able to change how I thought of a few experiences I have had.  I felt automatic relief, clarity and understood that change can happen right away. I never experienced something like this in my life.

Keenan has this way of simplifying issues that I thought were not possible to be resolved.  He explains why the issues were created and how it has evolved into the patterns of thoughts and actions.  Over the course of my life trying other traditional therapy approaches, working with Keenan has helped my life in ways I could not have imagined. I am very thankful.

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