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My name is Keenan Van Zile

Helping clients unlearn lifelong patterns of limitation by eliminating limiting beliefs.  This coaching service delivers results that change your life.

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Unlearn Limiting beliefs

Limiting Beliefs affect all area's of life.  Experience addressing root cause, identify associated limiting patterns and release them.  Completely unlearn - decondition what isn't you... Keenan Van Zile helps every step of the way - all this in 60 minutes.  


  • Alignment through all aspects of client.

  • Love self unconditional 

  • Allowing self to thrive, succeed

  • Interpret yourself abundantly throughout

  • Flawless follow through

  • Feel fearless, confident despite audience

  • Possess no resistance to rejection, failure

  • Fully express yourself athletically/musically

  • Renewed self-belief, confidence, self-worth, deservingness

  • Emotions are not dependent or triggered by external circumstances, experiences, events


For most of my life I was angry, sad that I could never accomplish anything. I would keep coming up short in everything I have tried.  Clearing the belief* Fear of Failure helped me understand that the “outcome” does not define who I am or what I am able to do.  Most of my life I have allowed circumstances and experiences to define who I am – that is unhealthy behavior pattern to experience.  I realize now who I am without that pattern in place – what a relief.  I take action, be myself – I am fearless.  He helped me to understand more about myself in 5 sessions than I have in all my lifetime.         - Veronica B.

COmmon Limiting Beliefs

  • Mistakes and failure are bad.

  • I'm not good enough.

  • Change is difficult.

  • I'm not important.

  • What makes me good enough or important is having people think well of me.

  • Nothing I do is good enough.

  • I'm not capable.

  • I'm not competent.

  • I'm inadequate.

  • If I make a mistake or fail I'll be rejected.

  • ​If I don’t complete something I can’t fail at it.

  • I'm a failure.

  • I'm stupid.

  • I'm not worthy.

  • I'll never get what I want.

  • I'm powerless.

  • People aren't interested in what I have to say.

  • What I have to say isn't important.

  • It's dangerous to have people put their attention on me (something bad will happen).

  • What makes me good enough or important is doing things perfectly.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with criticism and judgment.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with not meeting expectations.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with people putting their attention on me.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with rejection

4 area's of focus 

Unlearning a limiting Belief (LB)

Dissolve, Unlearn Conditioned Unhealthy Emotions

Dissolve Excessive Thoughts-Feelings while experiencing the LB process  ​

Unlearn, Decondition Attitudes, Behaviors while experiencing the LB process

Skills Learned...

Client learns to create interpretations that supports a thriving reality


The client learns to never conclude or limit themself

Client learns how to make distinctions, highly beneficial skill in the moment​

Learn to stop giving unnecessary meaning to events, experiences, circumstances



30 - $150

Book consult first.  Clients learn from consult how pin point I can be, 30 minutes is plenty of time to get started.


60 min 

$300 per 1 hour.  Book consult.  This 1 hour is very up-tempo - to the point and addresses the most pertinent of issues /conflicts.  


5 - hours

Forever Transformation - Book a consult, from that clients understand how pin point KVZ is.  Dedicated time slot for 5 weeks.  Clients that work with KVZ end up experiencing the type of change that lasts a lifetime.

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Working with Keenan Van Zile you realize what's truly possible for yourself.

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 Limiting Beliefs affect all types of people no matter how they appear. People lives are shaped to support their limiting beliefs.  You don't have to live any longer like this.     

lifelong Benefits

A forever transformation...

Client is ever evolving, learning, expanding

Client connects that he/she is good enough

Client connects that he/she is deserving

Client connects that he/she is worthy

Client connects to his/her self belief

Client connects to impenetrable self confidence

Client connects to impenetrable healthy self esteem

Client connects to being possibility of possibilities 

Client connects to being the source of their abundance

Client connects with the ability to react in way that always benefits them to what is going on outside of who they are.

Client is loving of self unconditionally  

Client is able to love others unconditionally

Client is free of the little voice in their head-minds "judgment free"

Client connects with what it means to be flexible in mind

Client connects with a adaptive mindset

Client possess an evolving mindset to evolve with an ever evolving world

Client takes action freely: takes on challenges, faces tests

Client embraces judgment, criticism, failure, mistakes

Client fully expresses talent skills abilities athleticism 

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