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My name is Keenan Van Zile

Solving clients problems by unlearning limiting beliefs. Change your life forever.  

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work w/Me

Belief work is the magic pill  


Keenan Van Zile

Roots out the issue that other services could not help you with.


A designated time each week 

A step by step process curated for you

Finally unlearn what has been holding you back


 Keenan Van Zile is offering 4 WEEK Coaching Package: 

  • 4 - 60 minute sessions 

  • Designated time each week

  • $400 discount

THe Session.


Root Cause

The game changer is identifying root cause.  Other services offering coping modifications, teach you skills in response to not being able to address root cause.  Identifying root cause & unlearning it is powerful.  Imagine LB's have been with you most of your life.  Huge!


Limiting Beliefs

The thoughts, feelings and emotions associated with the limiting belief are from the past, recycled in the present.  The behavior-attitude supports experiencing limited results of yourself in the present.


life long

  • Client realizes why they concluded Limiting Belief

  • Unlearn, Connect to healthy lifestyle patterns.

  • Complete shift in behavior/attitude

  • Unlearning of unhealthy emotional states

  • Client learns how to not limit themselves ever again


6. 60 min sessions

2. 30 min Sessions



.Value experienced surpasses money invested

.Feel satisfied knowing you eliminated several LB's

.Achieve a calm, clarity, mindful peace

.Never fear reverting backwards

.Achieve Alignment 

.Live from knowingness

.Ready to seize opportunities

.Empowered to go after your dreams

Book Consult

In the 30 minute consult, the client articulates desired result of how they like to be going forward.  The consult aims to address clients desires how that is accomplished.  This, the time frame is what makes belief work so rewarding, the time frame results are achieved.

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