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My name is Keenan Van Zile

12 answers as to why belief work is your magic pill 


session last 60 minutes


Each session with Keenan Van Zile last 60 minutes.

Session's take place over the phone, face time, zoom.


To achieve greatest results - book between 3-5 sessions.  

Keep in mind that you lived your life one way for a period of time, when the root-cause is changed your life is forever changed...




Prospective Clients either been wanting to do something and they haven't, or they like to express a part of themselves and haven't figured out how... Generally prospective clients are confronted with circumstances, experiences, events where they are forced to change.  The general population is conditioned this way.  Only until after the prospective client has struggled, expired every option by doing, working harder or by bypassing, avoidance of the issue, conflict.  All of this takes time, years from there life in which they will never get back.  They've never truly known who they are as their lives evolved around the emotional problems, conflicts, self-esteem issues that continually attract, manifest in their reality.  This makes for a truly unhealthy lifestyle.


The price, value achieved in one hour is so transformative because of how readily, applicable it is to all facets of life. 


To know that they don't have to live from a reality, belief, thinking, feelings, unhealthy emotion, unhealthy behavior is profound. 


The client is realizing they are the creators of their life, the value of this extraordinary...

Creator of Your Life


The power of sessions with Keenan Van Zile is reconnecting with your own innate power to create your life! 

Every client has an idea, feel, sense of how they like their life to be...

No one fully understands that they are the creator of their lives until they peel away the limiting beliefs, unhealthy emotional behavior, actions, thoughts, feelings.  

The prospective client makes the connection in each session that he/she is not the problems nor do they continue to live that way. 


That they can, choose the best interpretations to fit there life while having all the cooperating components fall in place.

Creating Distinctions:
powerful skill to power one's life


Creating Distinctions - This is by far the most powerful ability, skill I can share with people.  When a client makes the distinction in realizing that something is not one in the same and applies that to their past life experiences - it is truly powerful. 

Hence in a heavily emotional situation generally people allow the emotion to blind self where they end up giving meaning to how they felt or what they saw.  Thus Keenan Van Zile helps you to distinguish from what actually happened to the way you interpreted it.  The healing in this is incredible. Thus the client evolves tremendously and when the client learns how to apply this in there daily life = life changing...


Clearing Stimulus: De-stimuli


Another part to the multi-faceted approach Keenan Van Zile offers is removing the stimulus, the "trigger" that would cause fear, doubt, worry, anxiety etc.  Fear is "masked" by being part of your reality in a form of avoidance, negative self esteem: beliefs, thoughts, emotions, feelings... 


Now as stated above I make distinctions from how the client has been conditioned to what was the circumstances, events etc.  By removing the stimulus the client is no longer triggered nor does the conditioning exist.  

This is a supplement to making distinctions and removal of limiting beliefs.


Change Your Life: Eliminate Limiting Beliefs


Limiting beliefs - generally something you believe to be "true" about something that usually limits the client in one aspect or another in life.  A limiting belief is formed by the client stemming from their past, either childhood conditioning, culture or belief structures at that time.  What happens is the client has falsely interpreted more than one event as it all being the same.  Clients form there realities composed of how they were raised and evolved since.  Generally the client is functioning from a lack knowledge, development, lack of skill or experience - this is fine but the client in the current moment is unable to distinguish this.  People go there whole lives living from limiting beliefs. Not knowing why they have gone in the patterns, behaved, acted, come up short etc...Limiting beliefs are not all negative either as they can inhibit a positive person from evolving as well... I believe every person has the power to create their own lives...

De-Condition behaviors, attitudes


Keenan Van Zile is able to decondition emotional behavior, attitude, thoughts, feelings, sense…An example of this would be where clients have come and asked me how can I change a behavior – Identify whether Behavior is either cultural, family or trauma related.  It is either learned, accepted unconsciously, misunderstood or misinterpreted.  When we change behavior the client identifies the "limiting belief(s)" that are in place sometimes obvious and sometime not. Aside from that they articulate what and how they like to behave in relation to there life moving forward. Possibilities of how a client can-will interpret their life is endless - when the client acknowledges this that is crucial to substantial change!  Those interpretations, distinctions made will have the client realize that they are not the triggers, reactions, unhealthy behaviors, choices, actions etc... Then if needed as whatever else comes up we will de-stimuli the emotion, feelings, sense of self.…


Every client has a idea, feel, sense of how they like to be this multifaceted approach is truly effective at achieving that. 

Dissolve Occurring Meanings


The prospective client is experiencing unhealthy " feelings" these meanings, negative in nature linger and if not eliminated can evolve into becoming a limiting belief. These feelings occur over & over as the client is unaware at first because they have lived with this..  First, Keenan Van Zile gets to the root of this while making sure it is not one of the following triggering this:  limiting belief, unhealthy emotion, thinking or unhealthy behavior. Keenan explains that these "meanings" exist because we falsely give meaning to what is experienced and how to identify.  Secondly the client is aware, can make the distinction from what they are experiencing to the negative feeling that arises that is not apart of the experience...This helps to further healing, uprooting the root cause. 

Negative meanings are what we give to an event, a experience though they are meaningless in nature.  Though what we feel in relation to what is experienced are not one in the same: distinctions....

doubt, fear of change, anxiety, stress


Fear of Change, Doubt, Doubting - whether something works or not.  Anxiety, stress;  If that is what you are projecting then that is clear sign for change.  What you don't know or understand about stress, anxiety is that the client is indirectly conditioned to experience stress, anxiety when there's a stimulus though what's really experienced is not actually anxiety-stress related.   Acknowledge this and be appreciative that it is your consciousness letting you know change has to happen for the good of your life...


Keenan Van Zile takes great pride in assisting, helping, removing all the above!  


Trust in oneself, having a reality that supports one's self is highly valuable to a rewarding life!

Confidence: Game Changer


Keenan Van Zile's multi faceted approach allows prospective clients to connect to their innate Confidence and hone it as the value is never ending.  


Lacking in confidence, procrastination, anti-social, below average production, performances etc... – Identification process begins with the client making a distinction that confidence has always been whole within them.  That confidence never waivers, it never fluctuates more, nor is gone or dependent by outside outcomes of any kind...  Generally it's a limiting belief formed from the childhood upbringing, trauma or other societal norms that has affected the way clients view confidence. Usually limiting beliefs like exp: if i accomplish something I will be confident.  


 The client is freed up, with no fear, reacting from a whole state of confidence - results, success is limitless

Self Belief


Prospective Clients generally articulate that they are in need of self belief and usually state the issues, triggers that have come up in there life so far.  Prospective clients experience patterns, loops and toxic relationships, unhealthy lifestyles etc.  Success, results are fleeting and most don't feel deserving or worthy of it. 


The driving force to all that they desire is "self-belief" fueling all facets of their life.  This is achieved by working with Keenan and his multifaceted approach.


Every client has a idea, feel, sense of how they like to be Keenan Van Zile strives to deliver this.

Revolution:  Athletic Performance


The athlete is too much in there head  - than performing, executing fundamental movements that are crucial to success...Imagine how rewarding it would be for that not to be an issue? Tremendous!

Ability to process information at a higher rate to understand what is needed, how to improve.  Improvement happens because the athletes mental makeup supports change vs resisting.

Ability to make distinctions - the athlete is able to apply his/her athleticism to groove motor patterns without using the mind, thought or feel.  Relying on instincts, understanding cause and effect.

Athlete can play through mistakes with ease without missing a step.  Does not hang on them as the athletes makeup does not find benefit sulking in a mistake...

Athletes make up does not sulk, whine or is bothered by performances.  The athlete is able see it for what it is, adapt, make the changes necessary and move on.

The athletes success at any point in career is never an detriment as it would be for another.  The athlete has a healthy mental makeup that drives them and understands that success is only a natural result for their performances.

The athletes self esteem, reality is never deterred by results, outcomes as they view themselves as whole beings.

Self belief, confidence are pillars for athletes success at elite levels and in life - when this is aligned he/she will flourish more than what they did prior...

No need for superficial (mental game skills) as the athlete is innately gifted with all that he/she needs - its connecting he/she to this that is profound for well being & results.


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