work w/kEENAN to
Take your power back
Unlearn your
Limiting Beliefs 

 Be the creator of your life from a constant state of empowerment...

Keenan has this way of simplifying issues that I thought were not possible to be resolved.  He explains why the issues were created and how it has evolved into the patterns of behaviors and actions.  Over the course of my life trying other traditional therapy approaches, working with Keenan has helped my life in ways I could not have imagined. I am very thankful.

Maria A.

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unlearning limiting beliefs, has lifetime of value

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5 weeks of one-to-one sessions 
Targeted to eliminate root cause of most pressing issues

a limiting belief carried a lifetime...
finally removed!
that's Life CHanging!!!!

Go from invaluable to valuable  
Unlovable to lovable
I'm not good enough to I am good enough
Truly believe, live a fulfilling, purpose filled life - no affirmations needed

Invest in yourself now!

Anticipate to un-learn up to 2-3 limiting beliefs per one hour session...

Exclusive...No program like this

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with each limiting belief eliminated experience expansion of who you are... living from your power, the creator of your life

    The experience   

Working with Keenan Van Zile is a complete experience not only are you eliminating the root cause

You are eliminating the associated behaviors, attitudes, unhealthy conditionings, emotions, feelings

Keenan Van Zile also coaches you how to process change and integrate alignment in area's worked for complete expression of client

Area's of Life affecfed

love, money, sex, identity, worth, not good enough, fear, performance, societal conditioning, childhood trauma, other types of trauma, eating disorders, unlovable, procrastination, rejection, failure, mistakes, success, relationships

  • Mistakes and failure are bad.

  • I'm not good enough.

  • Change is difficult.

  • I'm not important.

  • What makes me good enough or important is having people think well of me.

  • Nothing I do is good enough.

  • I'm not capable.

  • I'm not competent.

  • I'm inadequate.

  • If I make a mistake or fail I'll be rejected.

  • ​If I don’t complete something I can’t fail at it.

  • I'm a failure.

  • I'm stupid.

  • I'm not worthy.

  • I'll never get what I want.

  • I'm powerless.

  • People aren't interested in what I have to say.

  • What I have to say isn't important.

  • It's dangerous to have people put their attention on me (something bad will happen).

  • What makes me good enough or important is doing things perfectly.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with criticism and judgment.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with not meeting expectations.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with people putting their attention on me.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with rejection

Keenan Van Zile knows how impactful limiting beliefs can be to one's life.  You can be healthy, positive person but struggle significantly from
limiting beliefs.   

No fluff, no bs...just results


Client is ever evolving, learning, expanding

Client connects that he/she is good enough

Client connects that he/she is deserving

Client connects that he/she is worthy

Client connects to his/her self belief

Client connects to impenetrable self confidence

Client connects to impenetrable healthy self esteem

Client connects to being possibility of possibilities 

Client connects to being the source of their abundance

Client connects with the ability to react in way that always benefits them to what is going on outside of who they are.

Client is loving of self unconditionally  

Client is able to love others unconditionally

Client is free of the little voice in their head-minds "judgment free"

Client connects with what it means to be flexible in mind

Client connects with a adaptive mindset

Client possess an evolving mindset to evolve with an ever evolving world

Client takes action freely: takes on challenges, faces tests

Client embraces judgment, criticism, failure, mistakes

Client fully expresses talent skills abilities athleticism 

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