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Session details, Scheduling, Payment, Cancellation.


Each session with Keenan Van Zile last 60 minutes.

Session's take place over the phone, WhatsApp,  zoom.

Keep in mind that you lived your life one way for a period of time, when the root-cause is changed your life is forever changed...


Schedule – Booking

  • Click Scheduling App link to book consult, book session.

  • 30 minute – Single Sessions can be booked 24hours in advance. 

  • Sessions cannot be booked the same day.

  • If you purchase 3 or 5 session package – you will have designated time per week. 

  • Sessions are meant to be used 1x per week.  Most clients can not handle more than 1x because of information processed and what is happening in respective lives.  Booking 2x is definitely feasible it just depends on how ambitious you are and your energy state.

  • By booking a time you agree to “time booked.”  The sessions start promptly, not when the client say so. 

  • IF you are 10 minutes late I will cancel session and move on with my schedule. No refund will be awarded.

  • A client must prioritize his/her life to achieve their desired well being goals.

  • My coaching service is a structured business, time is important to me and you the client. 


Every session except “consult” is pre-paid.

Packages of sessions 3 to 6 are pre paid as well.   If you would like to break up payment into 2 installments that is possible.  In that instance we agree upon a specific payment date accordingly.  No exceptions.

My coaching service is like any other business, please respect it when it comes to payments. 


Please Prioritize your time

Please get touch 24 hours in advance,  if it is an emergency of any kind we can make exceptions.  If it is last minute there is no refund or rescheduling of session.  This type of work I take serious as I set aside the time to be there for you the client.  Please prioritize your schedule accordingly.

Connecting to inherent value changes everything

I don’t have contracts.  But I have clear cut, straight forward way of doing business.  Please read over my basic terms above.

My work, the results, speak for itself.  Communicate with me and it will make the process - experience great.

Any other questions please email:


no bs, no fluff, you deserve the type of change that shapes a lifetime... 

Working with Keenan Van Zile has helped me tremendously in getting rid of my

negative state of mind and the excess thoughts that always came with it. He worked with me in changing the behavioral pattern and the belief & thinking that held that together.  Now whenever I experience moments that may not be the best I do not become negative or feel bad. The person who I was before I worked with Keenan allowed “outcomes” to define myself which led to depletion of energy levels.  I now understand how to process outcomes smoother than making it personal, adding judgment or being overly negative. I must say I am very thankful for these sessions as it has been life changing.

Anna K.

eliminated fear of making mistakes

At work, I have been very productive, since getting rid of “fear of making mistakes.” Now I can perform tasks with ease, take on more assignments without the excessive worry or anxiety. I can perform professionally like I have always imagined.  Thank you, Keenan for your help.

Max G.

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