Our future is limited by our beliefs about the past, by unlearning those beliefs, deconditioning unhealthy behavior and associated negative emotions. We can create unimagined possibilities for the future.


What’s affecting your Life’s Performances

  • Suffering from self doubt, judgment, anxiety, stress or fear

  • Lacking self confidence

  • Do you feel you are not good enough

  • Experiencing a loss of passion, unmotivated

  • Have no answers to why you underperform

  • Is fear of failure keeping you from taking action


KEEP YOU FROM what's possible...  

The fear of failure – Keenan has help me conquer this, he had me realize that the events, experiences that I have experienced in my past were- just that only experiences.  For most of my life I was angry, sad that I could never accomplish anything. I would keep coming up short in everything I have tried.  Clearing the belief* Fear of Failure helped me understand that the “outcome” does not define who I am or what I am able to do.  Most of my life I have allowed circumstances and experiences define who I am – that is unhealthy behavior pattern to experience.  I realize now who I am without that pattern in place – what a relief.  I take action, be myself – I am fearless.  He helped me to understand more about myself in 5 sessions than I have in all my lifetime.

Monica F.


Process of

Unlearning Limiting Beliefs

  • Identify root cause, associated pattern.

  • Have the client come up with interpretations of what the event could of meant. (any one event could possibly mean infinite different meanings)

  •  Create distinctions from what happen to the meaning given

  • The client will acknowledge that the "truth" the meaning was not in fact apart of the event.

  • Finally I check w/client that the belief has been dissolved... 

Continuous positive change happens to the thinking, feelings, behavior, energy of the client as each "Limiting Belief" is dissolved...

Part 2...

Decondition, De-stimuli:

behavior, emotions, feelings, attitudes

Decondition the conditionings

"example: fear of rejection"eliminating the associated conditionings. The thought or feeling of rejection happening ... causes you to feel fear, anxiety, stress...

De-stimuli the stimuli "triggers"

any emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, stress, anxiety that was associated with any "LB" eliminated through this process. 

Dissolve Occurring's

the meaning you unconsciously and automatically give to events, which you think are The Truth. "example:  If a friend arrives late." The client would give meaning: "You don't value my time." 


Alignment is the point of origin where you feel most connected, instinctively who you are, free to be. 

When I go through the interpretation process of dissolving a limiting belief - thats when you make the connection.  You are the interpreter viewing yourself as the possibility for possibilities...

Now imagine repeating this pattern over and over. This is the type of transformation you would experience per each unlearning of limiting beliefs, de-conditioning of behaviors.

Prior to the sessions you were only allowing a % to happen

You no longer function from past versions of self in the present. 

after sessions the client interpret themselves as...

Client is ever evolving, learning, expanding

Client connects that he/she is good enough

Client connects that he/she is deserving

Client connects that he/she is worthy

Client connects to his/her self belief

Client connects to impenetrable self confidence

Client connects to impenetrable healthy self esteem

Client connects to being possibility of possibilities 

Client connects to being the source of their abundance

Client connects with the ability to react in way that always benefits them to what is going on outside of who they are.

Client is loving of self unconditionally  

Client is able to love others unconditionally

Client is free of the little voice in their head-minds "judgment free"

Client connects with what it means to be flexible in mind

Client connects with a adaptive mindset

Client possess an evolving mindset to evolve with an ever evolving world

Client takes action freely: takes on challenges, faces tests

Client embraces judgment, criticism, failure, mistakes

Client fully expresses talent skills abilities athleticism 


no bs, no fluff, you deserve the type of change that shapes a lifetime... 

Working with Keenan Van Zile has helped me tremendously in getting rid of my negative state of mind and the excess thoughts that always came with it. He worked with me in changing the behavioral pattern and the belief & thinking that held that together.  Now whenever I experience moments that may not be the best I do not become negative or feel bad. The person who I was before I worked with Keenan allowed “outcomes” to define myself which led to depletion of energy levels.  I now understand how to process outcomes smoother than making it personal, adding judgment or being overly negative. I must say I am very thankful for these sessions as it has been life changing.

Anna K.

Let's Work Together

what to expect

Client Schedules Consult 

20-30 minutes


Client Presents Topic, Conflict

In the consult please convey as best you can what you are experiencing! 

  • Sessions can be conducted via phone, face time, skype, zoom

  • No cancellations day of scheduled session

Coaching Service Options

a better future invested

Getting Started

3 Sessions - 60 minutes each

Super thorough,  very beneficial...

@ $150hr

discounted 25%

​Intensive Coaching

-5 Sessions - 60 mins each

Focusing in multiples areas of client..


discounted 50%

eliminated fear of making mistakes

At work, I have been very productive, since getting rid of “fear of making mistakes.” Now I can perform tasks with ease, take on more assignments without the excessive worry or anxiety. I can perform professionally like I have always imagined.  Thank you, Keenan for your help.

Max G.