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Hi, I'm Keenan Van Zile.
I'm a performance life coach.  Working with everyday Humans to Athletes...


As a performance life coach....its my drive to deliver a service that allows clients the freedom to access their talents, gifts, athleticism and skills fully....


Live life better than...

About Me

Clients go from...

I have tried everything else and nothing has worked...

Fear of Failure... 

Fear of Rejection...

Change is hard... 

Feeling Anxious, dreading anything new, unknown

I am not good enough...the little voice in your head negatively reinforcing it over and over

Clients go from...

  • I have tried everything else and nothing has worked...

  • Fear of Failure... 

  • Fear of Rejection...

  • Change is hard... 

  • Feeling Anxious, dreading anything new, unknown

  • I am not good enough...the little voice in your head negatively reinforcing it over and over

  • Utterly Depressed, no happiness

Living your whole life from the point of view of limiting beliefs associated unhealthy emotions, behaviors, attitudes, feelings, actions...
is crazy!

Working with Keenan Van Zile you actually understand what's truly possible for yourself.

Most Common: 
limiting beliefs & conditionings

  • Mistakes and failure are bad.

  • I'm not good enough.

  • Change is difficult.

  • I'm not important.

  • What makes me good enough or important is having people think well of me.

  • Nothing I do is good enough.

  • I'm not capable.

  • I'm not competent.

  • I'm inadequate.

  • If I make a mistake or fail I'll be rejected.

  • I'm a failure.

  • I'm stupid.

  • I'm not worthy.

  • I'll never get what I want.

  • I'm powerless.

  • People aren't interested in what I have to say.

  • What I have to say isn't important.

  • It's dangerous to have people put their attention on me (something bad will happen).

  • What makes me good enough or important is doing things perfectly.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with criticism and judgment.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with not meeting expectations.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with people putting their attention on me.

  • Conditioning: Fear associated with rejection

I was skeptical at first when I started working with Keenan Van Zile because he was so confident in how quickly he could help me.  Now after 4 months of sessions where I see him once a week, I have a renewed self-esteem, self-belief and a whole new understanding of myself.  The work he does is fabulous, because he helps to bring the best out of who you are and eliminates the rest.

How limiting belief affects you and leaves you helpless

1.  Client experienced a series of similar conflicting, traumatic experiences which derived a similar  feeling each time.* The client now has given meaning to how they feel...this is the purest form of a limiting belief

2.  Future experiences that derive a similar feeling the client will no longer able distinguish from the way they feel to what has happened...

behavior, attitude, feelings, emotions, actions are being dictated upon..

Client could perceive something is not right but lacks the know how to change. 


3.  Client continually attracts/manifests future experiences, circumstances:

his/her emotional behavior/attitude drive how much or how little experiences.

Hint:  Depression is driven by patterns reinforced by limiting beliefs

4.  Client is living from his/her emotional attitude/behavior that supports the limiting belief.  Limitation at its finest as there is no flexibility in how he/she views the world.
Growth is relative to what the limiting belief entails..

Client is continually conditioned by stimuli  reflective of the limiting belief..thus further disconnecting clients self...

limiting beliefs defined

I have been severely depressed my whole life – have tried just about any form of therapy so far.  Within the first session with Keenan, he wanted me to explain why I felt the way I felt.  He was able to have me understand that depression stems from an event, experience, or circumstance. 


We form our own beliefs of what it was.  He helped me make a distinction from the pattern that was causing me to feel depressed.  What I realized by this is that anyone can feel this way if they do this to themselves over and over.  By the end of that hour with Keenan, he was able to change how I thought of a few experiences I have had.  I felt automatic relief, clarity and understood that change can happen right away. I never experienced something like this in my life.

My Services.

The power of belief work is everlasting

1st step of each session

  • Identify Root Cause of each Limiting Beliefs

  • Identify Associated Conditioned Behaviors

  • Identify Associated Conditioned Attitudes

  • Identify Associated Conditioned Unhealthy Emotions

  • Identify Associated Conditioned Unhealthy Feelings


2nd Step of the Coaching Process

  • Understanding how the limiting belief affected behaviors, thoughts, emotions, actions, expression, performances…

  • Simultaneously the client becomes aware of the possible opportunities

  • Client learns they are not their emotions or emotional self

  • Integrating healthy interpretations of self – this helps in shedding the former Point of View of self.

  • Instilling Healthy Self-esteem, self-image desired by client

  • Integrating love, forgiveness, compassion…


Client Availability Now...

Each client that books w/Keenan Van Zile will have a dedicated time for their a-lotted sessions.  

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lasting a lifetime..

Initial session results

  • Clients learn through elimination process how/why beliefs limited there "life" experiences

  • Client no longer has to "cope"

  • The elimination process reveals that the client is able to "interpret" infinite possibilities of experiencing life...

  • Client learns how to healthily process emotions

  • Clients are coached how to make distinctions​

  • Client realize/understand they are so much more than old life paradigm - societal paradigms

  • Understand how to establish belief system that supports full expression of talents, gifts, athleticism, skills, artistry 

  • Free of Judgment, negative self esteem, negative self talk

Client expansion & evolution

  • Client belief system is not dependent upon or is dictated too

  • Clients are coached to know self esteem is"impenetrable" to life as it evolves around them - nothing can diminish.

  • Achieve unconditional Self Belief in all facets of clients life 

  • Unlocking Surplus of Confidence 

  • Achieve Unconditional Self Worth, Value, Deserving of

  • Unlocking of Self Motivation

Creator of Your Life

  • Creator of your life

  • Belief system that supports full expression of talents, gifts, athleticism, skills, artistry

  • Experience life as a whole being, complete, anything is possible, you have no limitations...

  • Alignment in areas of your life like never before

  • Full awareness you are the Source of your abundance


Keenan has this way of simplifying issues that I thought were not possible to be resolved.  He explains why the issues were created and how it has evolved into the patterns of thoughts and actions.  Over the course of my life trying other traditional therapy approaches, working with Keenan has helped my life in ways I could not have imagined. I am very thankful.

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Pricing Options

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