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Value in unlearning a Limiting Belief is life changing

You will have designated time each week to work

I work with you through every step, each session is personalized to address what other services couldn't

Belief work-works
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Keenan Van Zile

YOu conclude LB's

YES, you conclude limiting beliefs about yourself - not knowingly the impact at the time how it will affect your life.  Crazy.  Do know LB's are recycled in the reality you function from in the present?  This is insightful, because clients realize they are not their issues, conflicts or to continue believing they are unworthy etc.   


Yes you can unlearn

Unlearning limiting beliefs is literally a weight off your back, not just figuratively speaking.  Keep in mind that unlearning LB's energetically have fixated, reinforced it one way or other. The unlearning of a LB can be a shock for most people because of how long they struggled from that POV.  The value in this is tremendous and more than what you invest in working one month with KVZ.


LB's affect all facets

Early in life we have concluded from series of different experiences, circumstances or events about ourself.  Unfortunately what actually happened to what is concluded the meaning didn't exist.  Experiencing this over and over it becomes real, because we function from this meaning.  It shapes behavior, thoughts, actions, attitude etc...By unlearning LB's it affects everything in such impactful way.


Connecting to Value

Most people don't understand the value they are and are challenged to perceive it clearly in others - or the world.  Major disconnect from worthiness, deservingness and self esteem.  Clients normally are not living from a POV,  that they get to experience a reality in which they perceive themselves as worthy of.  Unlearning LB's, the process helps a client connect, realize they can live from this reality and never an outcome in life's can diminish that.  Powerful. 


Keenan Van Zile is offering 5 weeks of sessions for a wonderful price. 

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