I was skeptical at first when I started working with Keenan Van Zile because he was so confident in how quickly he could help me.  Now after 4 months of sessions where I see him once a week, I have a renewed self-esteem, self-belief and a whole new understanding of myself.  The work he does is fabulous, because he helps to bring the best of who you are and eliminates the rest. Fantastic results!!

Keenan has this way of simplifying issues that I thought were not possible to be resolved.  He explains why the issues were created and how it has evolved into the patterns of thoughts and actions.  Over the course of my life trying other traditional therapy approaches, working with Keenan has helped my life in ways I could not have imagined. I am very thankful.

The fear of failure – Keenan has help me conquer this. He had me realize that the events, and experiences that I had experienced in my past were not what I had thought at the time.  I was really angry, sad that I could never accomplish anything. I would keep coming up short in everything I had tried.  What I realized about the sessions with Keenan is that sometimes it is not one belief that is the sole reason why we freeze. It has nothing to do with “fear.”  He helped me to understand more about myself in four sessions than I had in my lifetime.  When he cleared the emotions of anger and sadness, I was able to look back on all of my experiences and see other ways of how I could have done things a bit differently.  How I acted, behaved, took action, you name it… Thank you Keenan

I have experienced several traumatic experiences throughout my life and have hindered who I am as a person.  I have never felt that I could live without feeling as if I was in survival mode.  It was an unconscious feeling that was natural to me.  Though, I felt that I never could express my true self.  I felt something was missing…Keenan helped me by understanding these nuances – helped me understand why I acted like this in the various situations. He proceeded to work with me to understand how to express myself like I imagined.  What other therapists failed to do was have me understand the way I was before my traumatic experiences – what I was like.  Keenan explained that our unconscious mind knows who we really are and does not forget.  Cheers Keenan…

I have been severely depressed my whole life – have tried just about any form of therapy so far.  Within the first session with Keenan, he wanted me to explain what the reason was to why I felt the way I felt.  He was able to have me understand that depression stems from an event, experience, or circumstance that we form our own beliefs of what it was.  He helped me make a distinction from the pattern that caused me to feel depressed.  What I realized by this is that anyone can feel this way if they do this to themselves over and over.  By the end of that hour with Keenan, he was able to change how I thought of a few experiences I have had.  I felt automatic relief, clarity and understood that change can happen right away. I never experienced something like this in my life.

“Working with Keenan Van Zile has helped me tremendously in getting rid of my negative state of mind and the excess thoughts that always came with it. He worked with me in changing the behaviors and beliefs that created my negative mindset.  Now whenever I experience moments that may not be the best, I do not become negative or feel bad.  I have an understanding how to process outcomes that have distinctions of whether I am making it personal, adding judgment or being overly negative. I want to say I am very thankful for these sessions I have had and hope to continue to build on my progress.”

Who would have thought Keenan Van Zile was this deep, heart-felt spiritual guy. I wanted to understand and learn about what it meant to appreciate myself from within.  Now I have a greater capacity to see all of what I am doing for what it is versus being judgmental.  I also learned that all people that are in my life have some purpose, or offering to it.  Before my sessions with Keenan Van Zile, I don’t think I would have possessed this type of understanding and judgment would have blinded me from all I have done and accomplished. Thank you Keenan!

After one hour of working with Keenan Van Zile, he had me understand that the words “I can’t” were no longer a part of my belief system, my thinking and or vocabulary.  I have no words to describe how I feel.

Keenan Van Zile

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